Low cost repair and refurbishment of sculling blades and sweep oars

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Damaged or worn blades?

Don’t replace them, get us to professionally refurbish them at a fraction of the price of a new set

Club Crews showing Amazing Rowing and Sculling Technique

You can have the best equipment, high level of fitness and a real passion to win races but if your technique is not up to scratch you will always be up against it. These are photos of British Club crews and scullers who, through, training, dedication and a will to improve, demonstrate just how good you can get.

If you think you could never get this good, remember all the rowers featured here started off as novices, probably fell in a few times, picked up blisters and had doubts .

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All pictures posted on this page are purely to illustrate good rowing and remain the property of the contributing Club or individual They cannot be used for any promotional purposes without the contributors written permission.

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