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Low cost repair and refurbishment of sculling blades and sweep oars

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Damaged or worn blades?

Don’t replace them, get us to professionally refurbish them at a fraction of the price of a new set

Some of the repairs we have carried out recently

All of these “before and after” pictures are of work done recently for local Rowing Clubs

Believe it or not, the  spoons on the right are what we were able to do with with the ones on the left! Bladerite rebuilt the worn spines, damaged laminate and broken/worn tips with high impact resistant epoxy mixed with carbon fibre strands. When rebuilt, we re shaped and re profiled them to fit Vortex edges. The total cost was less than £400  saving the club nearly £1,600 when compared to the cost of eight new sculls.

We took this  Concept2 sculling set that had  badly worn spines and severely damaged and worn blade tips making them virtually unusable. Bladerite rebuilt the tips, re  profiled the spoons, fitted Vortex Edges and rebuilt the worn shaft ends at a cost of less than £350 for the set of 8. We also replaced all 8 worn sleeves for £35 per blade. A new set of sculls would have cost nearly £2,000 so the club saved almost £1,400 and got a set of blades nearly as good as new.

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On site repairs available using CRB (Enhance Disclosure) personel

A University  were using these Croker sweeps with very badly worn and frayed grips and missing end caps.

As they had a a low budget, they were unable to replace the grips in the conventional way. Bladerite carefully repaired and re glued the sections that were salvageable and smoothed down the rough surfaces and seams . We then replaced the end sections and caps with genuine Croker grip material at a very affordable cost